Our Future

Mobile clinics have been selected as one of three best practices in Massachusetts because they are so successful in promoting healthy behaviors and managing chronic illness. The Family Van, and other mobile health clinics have proven that we are low cost and that our positive and preventative approach can be part of solving our nation’s healthcare dilemma.


We have a vision

If we can eliminate the most common barriers to health and wellness, we will progress towards universal health equity. We must continue to expand our programming and partnerships to address the shifting challenges our neighbors face. By tailoring our services to different populations and traveling to the communities in which they live, work, and play, we will continue to improve the health outcomes of those in need.


We are leading the way in

research & advocacy

Many other mobile clinics do vital work, but are unable to quantify their impact. Through Mobile Health Map we have developed tools that help mobile health clinics nationwide measure the money they save the health care system and their impact on public health. We have proven that our method is a cost-effective model of healthcare delivery that is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of underserved populations nationwide. Mobile Health Clinics address both medical and social determinants of health, and have the potential to play a significant role in our evolving healthcare system. Continuous research must be carried out to improve our capacity, and to champion a more widespread integration into our health system.


We can change health for the better...

and we need to do more of it