Week 1: Reflection

We hope you all had a great first week on The Family Van! We want this experience to be meaningful for you and of course we want to help you learn as much as possible. In that spirit, we have created a “Med Ed” curriculum of weekly modules for you to enjoy. The goals of these weekly modules are to teach you about issues you may encounter on the van (e.g., blood pressure, diabetes, reproductive health, mental health, implicit bias), to encourage deep thinking, and to inspire you in your future career endeavors. Please read through each module and complete the online quiz at the end of your review.

For this week, there is not a specific learning module. Instead, we would like you to take some time to reflect on your initial experiences on the Van. Reflecting on your experience with The Family Van will be a crucial part of how you learn and grow. Please write a reflection about your first shift with the van (up to 1 page double-spaced).  Your reflection may be about a client you met, the dynamics on the van, the neighborhood you served, or something else that interests you as it relates to The Family Van. Please send this reflection to the Family Van email address at family_van@hms.harvard.edu before Sunday at midnight after your first shift. Please title your email “Initial Reflection”. Your site supervisor will chat with you about your reflection with you during your mid-term check-in.