Week 5: Implicit Bias

We can better care for our clients when we understand our own implicit biases. This week, please watch and be inspired by this Ted Talk “You can help stop the violence against young black men” by Verna Myers:



“The Department of Justice reports that African Americans are twice as likely as whites to be arrested during a traffic stop, and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police. And according to the FBI, young black men are 21 times as likely as their white peers to be killed by police. In this talk, cultural innovator Verna Myers shares some hard truths about racial injustices, (including the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO), and offers us three ways we can uncover our biases, overcome our discomfort and make a difference in the lives of black men and our society as a whole. For two decades, Verna and her team of consultants have helped eradicate barriers of race, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation at elite international law firms, Wall Street powerhouses, and the 10,000 member Fire Department of New York, with the aim of establishing a new, more productive and just status quo.”



●     Do you have implicit biases? Most of us do! Take this quick online “test” to better understand your own Implicit Biases.