Week 7: Age Based Screening

Screening is an important part of what we do to prevent disease.

What makes a good screening?

  • The test is screening for a serious disease.

  • The screening test can catch disease at an early stage of development.

  • The treatment before symptoms occur is more effective than treatment that is delayed until symptoms appear.

  • The screening can accurately distinguish people with the disease vs. people without the disease.

Let’s take colon cancer as an example! One screening tool we have is called a colonoscopy, which is a scope that can visualize the colon. The test is screening for a serious disease that is prevalent in our society. The scope is able to catch the disease (i.e. visualize benign polyps) before it becomes a cancerous tumor. And since patients are often asymptomatic at the early stages of disease, the scope can catch disease earlier than waiting for when symptoms appear.

We have made a compilation of the most up-to-date evidence-based screening guidelines that prevent illness or disease.

Please refer to this table if you’re wondering whether the person you’re helping on the van needs a certain screening!

You do not have to memorize the content of this document; however, it is important to be familiar with what screenings are available, such that you can look out for opportunities to discuss them on the van. Table link again: Click Here!.

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