Our Volunteers

You don’t have to be on the van to make a difference! We work with volunteers with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds to accomplish our goal of creating healthier communities. Whether you are a web developer, student, registered nurse, researcher or social workers you’ll get an opportunity to be a part of bringing Wellness to Boston’s underserved communities. 

Outreach and Education

Work with the team on increasing our social media presence and other external communications like annual reports, newsletters, and website updates.  Establish community partnerships, perform outreach in the community, identify the needs of the community and advocate for the Family Van.





  • Co-facilitate workshops and events to reduce health risk
  •  Implement grassroots and social media strategies to encourage usage of the program
  •  Organize community events

Direct Service

Work on the mobile unit to reduce the risk for chronic illnesses and provide screening. Help those with diabetes, HIV,  and other diseases learn to manage these illnesses by providing health coaching.  Work to address other factors affecting health like housing, domestic violence, and unemployment.  In this role, you will work on our unit and off to support the programs operations.

  • Learn to interview clients and learn about their needs and concern
  • Provide free health screening
  •  Understand how to educate and counsel people from diverse communities
  •  Provide referrals to social and health services

Research and Evaluation

Mobile health clinics provide essential health services to some of the most vulnerable populations across the country.  Approximately 2,000 mobile clinics reach over six million people each year.  With our national research collaborative, Mobile Health Map, we strengthen the capacity of the entire mobile clinic sector to achieve increased health equity in communities across the country by advancing research to prove the value and impact of these programs. Contribute Family Van data to the Mobile Health Map

  • Analyze and assess Family Van impact on communities and health care syste
  • Collaborate with other mobile health clinics to improve curbside service operation
  • Advocate for policy changes that will sustain mobile health clinics

"Seeing the Van out there in the frigid weather was just one of many reminders of the steadfast commitment you all have to the community.
The Van, along with your mentorship, has opened my eyes to the centrality of proximity in the fight for health equity—proximity to our clients, to the disparities we strive to tackle, to the solutions we deliver.

I am very grateful to be a small part of this endeavor."

- Ishaan Desai -