Our Volunteers

You don’t have to be on the van to make a difference! We work with volunteers with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds to accomplish our goal of creating healthier communities. Whether you are a web developer, student, registered nurse, researcher or social workers you’ll get an opportunity to be a part of bringing Wellness to Boston’s underserved communities. 


    FALL SEMESTER - July 15th
    SPRING SEMESTER - November 1st
    SUMMER SEMESTER- April 1st
    Seeing the Van out there in the frigid weather was just one of many reminders of the steadfast commitment you all have to the community.
    The Van, along with your mentorship, has opened my eyes to the centrality of proximity in the fight for health equity—proximity to our clients, to the disparities we strive to tackle, to the solutions we deliver.
    I am very grateful to be a small part of this endeavor.

    - Ishaan Desai -


    • Spread the word about our service with local businesses and community members
    • Identify and strategize with partners to meet the needs of the community
    • Help organize and facilitate health workshops and events
    • Raise awareness about our services through social media


    • Work on the Van to reduce the burden of chronic illnesses
    • Provide health coaching and screening services
    • Give personal support to clients affected by housing, unemployment, domestic violence, and other issues
    • Refer patients to social and health services


    • Join our national research collaborative, Mobile Health Map, to understand and strengthen curbside service across the country
    • Enable other mobile health clinics to measure their impact on their communities
    • Advocate for policy changes that will sustain essential mobile health services for vulnerable populations