Our Services

The Family Van, in many ways, encouraged me to seek out medical help as a preventative measure that proved to be critical, if not invaluable.

Preventive Health Services

Chronic illnesses like strokes and diabetes account for more than half of all deaths in the U.S. and two-thirds of all healthcare spending each year. When left unchecked and untreated, they can lead to serious and debilitating consequences. The Family Van embraces prevention as a priority, increases access to quality, affordable health care; promotes healthy behaviors; expands screening and early detection efforts; and facilitates strategies for appropriate management of existing chronic diseases.

Family Van staff members provide screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose (blood sugar)obesity (Weight/ Body Mass Index, depression, vision, and glaucoma as well as pregnancy testing, family planning services, and HIV counseling. With no required insurance and at no cost, we provide a variety of services that help to keep our clients healthy and prevent serious diseases and illnesses.


Health & wellness counseling

We are dedicated to educating community members about healthy lifestyles through one-on-one counseling, workshops and community events. We give tips, and help answer our clients’ questions on a variety of topics ranging from nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, depression, and help them understand their medications as well as how manage illnesses like hypertension and diabetes.


Referrals & Assistance

When we created the Van, our clients told us they needed help with other issues like employment, housing and food. They asked us to help them with their whole lives. So we work with our partners to connect clients to resources such as health insurance and food service assistance as well as low-cost dental and mental health services. By helping them to address these needs it’s our hope that they will be better able to focus on their health in the future.